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The Right Trousers

So far in my sewing adventures, I have stuck firmly to dresses and skirts. Trousers always seemed just a little bit out of my reach – all those fiddly flies and crotch seams were waaaay too complicated for a novice like me. If only there were a trouser pattern without the tricky fastenings, that was still elegant and, y’know, not pyjamas.

But wait! Luckily, such a thing does exist, in the form of Tilly and the Buttons’ Marigold pattern. It’s no secret that I love Tilly’s patterns, and I have almost the whole collection (spoils from when I interned for the company). The patterns are always easy to follow and the instructions are excellent – I knew I would have lots of hand-holding for my first trouser experience. Plus, the trousers have an elastic waistband (no fastenings!) and – everyone’s favourite feature – pockets.

I chose a gorgeous floral crepe from Sew Over It – it has a beautiful drape and feels lovely against my skin. I’m trying to get more used to working with drapey, delicate fabrics and I was worried I would get frustrated working with this fabric, but with a little care and a few extra pins I was fine!

As with all of the Tilly and the Buttons I’ve used, Marigold was clear and easy to follow, and I sewed the trousers up in a few days. The pockets were a little fiddly to get right, but I think that was mostly because the fabric I chose wasn’t the most stable, and it didn’t press very easily. Other than that, it was a straightforward and enjoyable sew.

I love these trousers! I think the tapered legs are a good look on me, as I have quite slim ankles, and the pockets are perfect for slipping your hands in and slouching. The elastic waist is super comfortable, but if you tuck your shirt in at the waist I think the trousers definitely pass for smart casual. You’ll look classy but it will still feel like you’re wearing pyjamas! And I adore this fabric – it moves in just the right way, and the bold floral print is completely lovely. My only slight niggle with my first pair of trousers is that I should have taken a bit more care when I was tacking the pocket bags in place, as the pocket openings gape slightly. It’s only a small thing, and it only bugs me because I’m a perfectionist!

The mark of a good pattern for me is when I start planning the next version of the pattern before I’ve finished making the first one. This is true of Marigold – not only is another pair of trousers in the pipeline, but I’m also planning to make a Marigold jumpsuit. So I’m sure it won’t be long until you’re seeing a few more pairs of these gorgeous trousers on here!

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A Coral Maxi Dress Refashion

My last refashion was made from the costume haul which I salvaged from my time as costume assistant for the 2016 Cambridge Greek Play. But I didn’t just take one pink dress. Oh no. I took three. I’m very pleased to present the second refashion in the pink dress series. I began with this delightful coral number: Continue reading “A Coral Maxi Dress Refashion”

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Pink Ballgown to Seda Dress: a Transformation of Epic Proportions

It has been a bit of a dream of mine for a while now to attend a ball wearing a dress I’ve made myself.

Now that we have established that, we can return to the beginning. In Autumn I was a costume designer for the Cambridge Greek Play, a play (or plays, in our case) performed once every three years, entirely by students, entirely in Ancient Greek (alumni include Tom Hiddleston). In the finale of Lysistrata (this year’s comedy) the cast members were dressed in over-the-top, sparkly, enormous pink ballgowns. So obviously, when the run was over, I nabbed a few of the dresses that were destined for the rubbish bin. Including… Continue reading “Pink Ballgown to Seda Dress: a Transformation of Epic Proportions”

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Sew Over It Erin skirt, or ‘Hannah Tries Selfless Sewing’

One of my best friends, who is confusingly also called Hannah, turned 21 a little while ago, and I knew I wanted to get her something special. She’s been nothing but wonderful over the course of our degrees together, and it’s not every day your girl turns 21 now is it? Hannah has a great sense of style and is always immaculately turned out (even for 9am lectures, what), so I was struggling to think of a present that was befitting for such a sophisticated and elegant girl – nothing seemed quite right. But then it dawned on me. Continue reading “Sew Over It Erin skirt, or ‘Hannah Tries Selfless Sewing’”