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The Sweetest Little Street

My mum and I were killing time in Hereford today when we stumbled upon this beautiful little street by the cathedral, which came complete with bunting and busking. It was filled with cute gift shops, delicatessens and a haberdashery (presents, food and crafts – I was sold). There was this shop, which appeared to be a conventional Cath Kidston store downstairs, but was hiding a wonderful antique shop upstairs:


Man, I want that pink chair! Other highlights include a lovely gift shop with this picture frame display, which I would very much like to replicate:

We also visited a pop-up shop by Fine Cell Work, an organisation that sends volunteers into prisons to teach the inmates how to sew, embroider and work tapestry. It’s proven to be a very therapeutic way of coping with life on the inside, and is often the first time in their lives that these men have been praised for their work. The results are beautiful!

Oh I do love stumbling across little places like these!



Hello! I'm Hannah and I'm a Classics undergrad at Cambridge. I spend most of the time which I should be spending on my degree crocheting and sewing instead.

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