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Quick Crochet Makes

For me, one of the best things about crafting is thinking “I need a such-and-such”, and then becoming the proud owner of a lovely, hand-crafted, low-cost such-and-such as soon as the very same day! Quick crafts can be some of my favourites – I do love the sense of achievement and pride that only comes from longer labours of love, but sometimes I wake up with an urge to make a whole such-and-such, and it’s very satisfying to have an idea translated into a real item before the sun has set. Continue reading “Quick Crochet Makes”

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Not such a bargain after all

I recently stumbled across this post from the Sweaty Knitter (sidenote: lovely blog!), in which the Knitter herself implores us all to watch The True Cost – a documentary about the environmental and human effects of so-called ‘fast fashion’. Fast fashion is a growing phenomenon in the fashion and clothing industry, born from the mindset that more is more: many leading brands and retailers churn out endless clothes, bringing in new lines and new items every week, and knocking prices lower and lower. The True Cost explores the impact that fast fashion is having on the economy, the environment, and the people creating these clothes. Continue reading “Not such a bargain after all”

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New Town, Old Clothes: the Project Begins!

So a couple of weeks ago I posted about an idea I had (read it here), that I wouldn’t buy any new clothes for a year. Instead, I would buy second-hand clothes and adapt them myself. This idea was sparked because I’m moving the day after tomorrow to a town with very limited shopping possibilities! Buying clothes from charity shops would also be much cheaper and more ethical than high-street shopping, as well as helping out all sorts of good causes. Continue reading “New Town, Old Clothes: the Project Begins!”