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One Minute Button Earrings

I have a lot of buttons.

I hoard them like a maniac, picking them up in discounted bundles at haberdasheries and charity shops, and I always save the spare buttons that come with shirts and coats. I have jars and tubs full of the things! So naturally, when I picked up some earring studs for 50p in the sale at my local haberdashery, I thought I would make a couple of pairs of button earrings. All I had to do was snip the button loops off the back of a couple of fabric covered buttons:

Then attach the studs with a dab of superglue:

And now I have two new pairs of button earrings! Cause, y’know, I really don’t have enough earrings.

That’s three pairs of earrings I’ve made in two days. Not bad going, hey?

There were two pairs of studs in the packet, and I paid 50p for them, so that’s 25p per pair. The buttons came from an amazing charity shop near where my granny lives, which has a huge tray of buttons for 1p a pop. My mum and I spent a good half hour there collecting as many as we could carry to the till! So that’s 27p per pair of earrings.

You see these kind of earrings all over the place, retailing for several pounds. And mine cost 27p and literally one minute of my time. You really would be hard-pressed to find a cheaper, quicker and easier pair of earrings! To me, it’s a no-brainer: handmade over shop-bought any day!



Hello! I'm Hannah and I'm a Classics undergrad at Cambridge. I spend most of the time which I should be spending on my degree crocheting and sewing instead.

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