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Harry Potter and the Knitting Needle of Secrets

OK, not quite. Though I would love to read that book. But while re-reading the Harry Potter books over summer, I’ve noticed that quite a few characters enjoy their needlework. And amidst Charms, Potions and Defence Against the Dark Arts lessons, these knitters have a lesson or two of their own to teach us about our favourite hobby. So sit up and take notes. Continue reading “Harry Potter and the Knitting Needle of Secrets”

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Cushion the Blow

Cushions for me are like Marmite – I either love or loathe them. The plain, drab ones that match your sofa and have had one too many bums plonked on them? Bleugh. No room for them in my life. But brightly coloured ones with bold patterns or textures, ones with interesting shapes, especially animal themed? Gah. Can’t get enough. Continue reading “Cushion the Blow”

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Pastel Striped Fingerless Gloves

Cambridge winters are cold. Relentless. Unforgiving. The kind of weather that sees you crawling out of your bed still wrapped in your duvet, or literally crying when you go outside because the wind is biting enough to bring tears to your eyes. Most mornings last winter, upon leaving my staircase to head to lectures, I would express out loud to no-one in particular just how cold it was (for example, ‘Good golly, it’s jolly nippy out here’). Continue reading “Pastel Striped Fingerless Gloves”

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Necklace for a Bookworm

When we were moving house, we went round the house collecting small, forgotten items that had fallen behind or underneath furniture over the past 11 years. Among the treasure we found was a tiny book, which must have escaped from my mum’s dolls’ house. Now, I have a habit of making jewellery out of every small object I can get my hands on, and this case was no different. Continue reading “Necklace for a Bookworm”

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Crochet Mortar Board for a Dalek

My older brother James graduated from Oxford University yesterday and I wanted to make him a little something to mark the occasion. A couple of years ago I crocheted him a dalek for Christmas, using a pattern I found on Ravelry (‘I don’t know whether he’s scary or adorable,’ said James), and since then the dalek has diligently sat on James’ desk at uni, accompanying him throughout his degree. It seemed fitting, then, that his dalek should graduate with him. Continue reading “Crochet Mortar Board for a Dalek”