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Cushion the Blow

Cushions for me are like Marmite – I either love or loathe them. The plain, drab ones that match your sofa and have had one too many bums plonked on them? Bleugh. No room for them in my life. But brightly coloured ones with bold patterns or textures, ones with interesting shapes, especially animal themed? Gah. Can’t get enough.

So it was with great joy that I learned that my second year uni room has a bigger heated window seat (I know, mmm) than last year’s. Because that means more space for cushions (also more heat, mmm). The thought of a row of mismatched handmade cushions, adding a bit of colour and personality to my bland uni accommodation…I went a bit weak at the knees. So I planned to make a heap of cushions over summer in preparation for a cosy, cushioned, heated window seat filled winter.

I made one. It’s a work in progress.

But I already had one crochet cushion which was in my room last year (and one – shock horror – shop bought cushion), so it’s not so bad.

Left: new. Right: old. It’s only one, though, so not so much of an OAP yet

The right-hand cushion consists of 9 granny squares (the back is one massive granny square) in red, yellow, mint green, pink, sky blue and cream. It was made from Cath Kidston’s Crochet Book, a kit which I bought half price in the January sales in 2013. I’d only just learned to crochet, so I only managed a couple of the granny squares before I moved onto other projects with my new skills. It lay abandoned for over a year before I heard rumours about the legendary Churchill window seats, and finally decided to finish off my Cath Kidston cushion. The rest was completed quickly during last year’s family holiday to Denmark. The only blip was when I ran out of red yarn part way through the shell edging! I ripped it out, and re-crocheted the edging with wider, shallower shells, and I had enough yarn!

A long time in the making

The left hand cushion I made during my last term at uni, mostly while watching back-to-back episodes of Once Upon a Time (I am well and truly a Hooker in all senses of the word). I used a lovely zig-zag stitch: 4tr, 2tr into next 2 sts, 4tr, tr2tog for next 2sts, aaaand repeat for a loooong time. Each stripe (rose pink, pale pink, turquoise, marl grey or white) consists of two rows of that zig-zag stitch. Not much else to say – it was straightforward and very satisfying to make!

Happy hooking

I am looking forward to seeing them in situ on my new window seat!



Hello! I'm Hannah and I'm a Classics undergrad at Cambridge. I spend most of the time which I should be spending on my degree crocheting and sewing instead.

4 thoughts on “Cushion the Blow

  1. I love your cushions. I am a blanket-maker type, so I have some crochet blankets in progress, a wavy one, like your cushion, too. I’m looking forward to seeing the heated window seat with your colourful pile of cushions. 🙂


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