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The Knitting Odyssey, Part I

I’m going back to uni tomorrow, so this blog is going to have to take a back-seat, at least until Christmas. I will hopefully have a few spare moments to post a thing or two, but Cambridge terms are hectic and intense, so I won’t have much time at all to craft, let alone blog about it. But I couldn’t go craft-less for two months. Oh no.

I have decided to knit a jumper.

Here is the beginning of said jumper. It’s a loose fitting jumper with a spiral rose-like lace pattern, from DK’s Big Book of Knitting. I was apprehensive about starting this project, not because I wasn’t sure if I’d like it (the finished jumper in my head is beautiful), but because I was worried that I’d lose interest half way through and abandon the project. But I have taken measures to ensure this does not happen:

  1. It’s the only project I’m taking back with me to uni, so whenever I get an itch to do some craft, it’ll have to be the jumper I pick up! I won’t be able to do long knitting sessions, but a row or two every so often over the course of two months should see some nice progress.
  2. I’ll hopefully post my progress on this little blog, which will be a good incentive to keep going.
  3. I’ve bought 12 balls of Patons Diploma Gold DK, so if I don’t finish the jumper then that’s a lot of wasted yarn and money.

It’s going along swimmingly at the moment (apart from the row that took an hour because I got to the end, realised I’d miscounted, spent a frustrating 20 minutes checking and rechecking to figure out where I’d gone wrong, then had to unpick all 149 stitches and redo the row again). I’ve already finished the border, which has a Catherine Wheel spiral pattern, and hopefully, if I continue to knit little and often, the jumper will grow before too long.

Close up of a Catherine Wheel, because the stitches were too bunched up in the first photo

Let the odyssey begin – bon voyage!



Hello! I'm Hannah and I'm a Classics undergrad at Cambridge. I spend most of the time which I should be spending on my degree crocheting and sewing instead.

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