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The Knitting Odyssey, Part II: Week 5 Update

Part I

Today is my birthday. I am no longer a happy-go-lucky teenager, but a mature, responsible twenty-something who will soon have to deal with nasty adult things like grocery shopping, and tax forms, and the stock market. Yay. This year, my birthday happens to fall  on the last day of the notorious Cambridge Week 5.

Week 5 is a nasty little beast. Cambridge terms are 8 weeks long, so Week 5 represents the depressing mid-point, when we can no longer remember a time before we were here, but the end is not yet even a speck on the distant horizon. Thus, during this week, most Cambridge students contract what are known as ‘Week 5 Blues’. Seriously. It’s an Official Thing. We all get them, and none of us are quite sure why they’re so awful.

This term is no exception. I have been tired, stressed and overworked, and a couple of days ago a throat infection reared its ugly head, pay-back for all those top As I sang in choir on Remembrance Sunday. But today is different. Today marks not only the end of the dreaded Week 5, but also the beginning of my third decade: a symbol that I have (successfully?) navigated not only the Week 5 minefield, but also twenty whole years of life on Earth. Without dying. Quite the miracle.

To celebrate, I bring you the latest from the Knitting Odyssey, my quest to knit my first ever jumper, without abandoning ship half way through. Well, it’s going swimmingly. Progress has been slow, especially in the last couple of weeks, as my college held the launch party for our February Spring Ball, and as a member of the Arts and Decorations team I spent many an evening cutting up 100m of fabric, tying bows in 400 lengths of ribbon and hand-correcting 420 identical typos. This, and that degree thing I’m also supposed to be doing, left little time for knitting. But despite this, the front piece of the jumper is nearly half done:

Here it is, on the window seat which has become its permanent home

It’s definitely grown a lot since it was just the Catherine Wheel border. The body of the jumper is made up of a pattern of these little spirals: I’ve done three pattern repeats now so I’m getting the hang of them. I’ve been finding that knitting a row or two while listening to some good music is a nice way to relax or take a break between pieces of work. And because I’m now using knitting as a break or a mini treat, I am not yet finding it boring or monotonous. Result!

Perhaps, at this rate, I will have finished the jumper by the time I turn 21!



Hello! I'm Hannah and I'm a Classics undergrad at Cambridge. I spend most of the time which I should be spending on my degree crocheting and sewing instead.

7 thoughts on “The Knitting Odyssey, Part II: Week 5 Update

  1. Wow, so pretty. I have crocheted since a child and always admired those who knit. I’ve been trying to learn and so far have only made a couple simple little squares that I turned into small bags. This is going to be so beautiful. Thanks for visiting me and commenting. 🙂 Hope the sore throat doesn’t hang around long.

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    1. Thank you! I’ve been crocheting for a few years but for some reason I was always scared of knitting. A couple of months ago I thought ‘screw that’ and started learning to knit properly, and so far it’s been really enjoyable! Keep at it! Thanks for the follow 😊 x


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