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Out With the New: Mid-Project Review

On the 12th August I started a project called Out With the New, which prevents me from buying new clothes (instead I can buy second-hand clothes or make my own from scratch). I said that I would continue until 31st December and then have a pit stop and decide whether I wanted to continue for the full year. Well, it is now 31st December and, there being no major problems so far, I am pleased to say that the project will continue for the full year, until 11th August 2016. Continue reading “Out With the New: Mid-Project Review”

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Elephant Print Box Pleat Skirt


Every seamstress has that one fabric. We’ve had it for ages, years maybe, and it’s more beautiful than any other we own. We dream endlessly of all the sumptuous gowns and garments we could craft out of it. But we can’t use it. Oh no. No pattern can ever match its exquisite beauty, and besides, we’re too scared. What if we make a mistake and the fabric’s RUINED FOREVER? So instead it just sits there, untouched, in our ever-growing stash, watching as fabrics come and go and get turned into dresses and blouses. Occasionally we take it out, and stroke it fondly, imagining how absolutely fabulous we would look draped in its folds. But then we carefully fold it up again and replace it, because it’s safe in the stash. No harm will come to our most prized fabric there. Continue reading “Elephant Print Box Pleat Skirt”

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The Knitting Odyssey, Part III: Christmas Holidays

Part I

Part II

I’m back home for Christmas!

Well, I’ve actually been home for a week and a half now, and during that time I’ve been furiously knitting to make up for all the lost time over the last 9 weeks, during which I kept getting distracted by my degree and other such nonsense. But I have now finished the front piece of my first knitted jumper – except it’ll probably end up being the back piece, since I’ve made a few little mistakes along the way. And here it is: Continue reading “The Knitting Odyssey, Part III: Christmas Holidays”