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The Knitting Odyssey, Part III: Christmas Holidays

Part I

Part II

I’m back home for Christmas!

Well, I’ve actually been home for a week and a half now, and during that time I’ve been furiously knitting to make up for all the lost time over the last 9 weeks, during which I kept getting distracted by my degree and other such nonsense. But I have now finished the front piece of my first knitted jumper – except it’ll probably end up being the back piece, since I’ve made a few little mistakes along the way. And here it is:


I’m a little worried that it’s too big (it’s wider than it looks in the photo) but there’s little I can do about that now. Besides, oversized jumpers are good too, even if I didn’t intend for this to be one! Now I need to block it, to make sure that lovely bottom edge lies flat, instead of curling up like it is in the photo.

I’m already well into the second, identical, body piece – as you can see in the bottom right of the photo – so I’m going to carry on knitting away to get as much done before I go back to uni in January. And the best part: I’m not bored of it yet!



Hello! I'm Hannah and I'm a Classics undergrad at Cambridge. I spend most of the time which I should be spending on my degree crocheting and sewing instead.

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