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Hama Bead Nostalgia

Does anyone remember Hama beads? I spent hours of my childhood painstakingly placing the individual beads onto the pegboard, only to have my creations break on day two, warp under the heat of the iron, or – worst of all – fail to make it to the iron in the first place because I tripped over en route. I wonder how many hundreds of these beads ended up in the Hoover? Continue reading “Hama Bead Nostalgia”

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A Cassock Transformation

Back in November, the chapel where I sing was going to throw out about twenty bottle-green cassocks, which had become surplice (haw haw) to requirements. It did seem an awful waste of usable fabric, so I asked if I could take one of them instead, promising our choir librarian that I would turn it into a dress to wear underneath our standard, bright red cassocks. And here it is: Continue reading “A Cassock Transformation”