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Winter Sewing Plans

In two days’ time I will be leaving university and returning to my home (and my sewing machine!) for Christmas. I have spent the last few weeks of term just itching to make something, and have filled my head with daydreams and plans for all the lovely things I am going to make over the holidays. We’ll have to see in January whether I manage to get through them all!

SO, without further ado:

1. Pastel pink corduroy Cleo dungarees

Oh my god it’s perfect

I fell in love with this image as soon as I saw it, and decided that I, too, must own a pastel pink corduroy dungaree dress. LUCKILY I already own Tilly and the Buttons’ Cleo dungaree dress pattern, AND I have already bought two metres of pink corduroy from Minerva Crafts, so as soon as I get home I can get cracking. I know that it (hopefully) won’t take too long, as I’ve already made a Cleo:

Read all about that one here

So this should be a speedy and satisfying make after a few months’ absence from sewing. I’ve never sewn with corduroy, but I’ve looked up a few tips and tricks so hopefully it’ll all go smoothly.

Buy the pattern here and the fabric here

2. Pastel pink corduroy Erin skirt

The Cleo dungarees requires 1.2m of fabric. Minerva Crafts requires you to buy fabric in full metres. Therefore I will have almost a metre of corduroy left over after I have made my Cleo. I plan to use this to make the Erin skirt from Sew Over It’s eBook My Capsule Wardrobe: City Break. I actually don’t own the eBook but the pattern was included in a recent issue of Simply Sewing, and I immediately fell in love with the simple shape, the useful pockets and the neat button placket. Hopefully I have enough fabric to squeeze on all the pattern pieces!

Buy the eBook here and the fabric here

3. ANOTHER Erin (for a friend)

One of my closest friends turned 21 last week and for her present I pledged to make her a skirt over the Christmas holidays. She was given this beautiful, beautiful button by her grandparents and wanted to make it a feature of the skirt. At the moment we’re planning to use the Erin pattern for this skirt as well, with her button at the waist and black buttons for the remainder of the placket. A couple of nights ago we put on Michael Bublé’s Christmas album and browsed through a whole heap of fabric websites, and she chose a beautiful heavy cotton (also from Sew Over It) called Royal Bouquet. This should be an exciting make, as I’m not used to sewing clothes for other people!

Buy the eBook here and the fabric here

4. Bright pink Seda dress

I fell in love with Pauline Alice’s Seda dress as soon as it came out last autumn, and it’s been top of my pattern wish-list ever since. So you can imagine I was a little bit thrilled when one of my friends gave it to me for my birthday earlier this month. I’m already planning two versions, one for view A and one for view B. This bright pink version is going to be view A:

This gorgeous, gorgeous pattern can be bought here or, from a UK stockist, here

I already have the fabric for this, but you’ll have to wait until I’ve finished the dress and blogged it to find out…

5. The other Seda dress

Once I’ve finished view A of the Seda dress, I should have a well fitting pattern which I can use to make view B. This is the dress I’ve been dreaming about for months (I’ll only make view A first because I already have the fabric). It’s so floaty, and pretty, and dreamy:

Dat lace yoke tho

I haven’t bought any fabric yet, but I want to make it in a delicate pink floral cotton with a crochet-style lace fabric for the yoke, which will hopefully be busy enough to conceal my bra straps. So pretty much exactly like the sample in the picture, but pink.

Here are some possible fabric picks:

Pattern here, floral cotton here and lace here

6. Floral Yoyo dress

When I was buying the Royal Bouquet fabric for my friend’s skirt, sadly my hand slipped and I *accidentally* bought three metres instead of one. Shame. I suppose I’ll just have to keep the rest for myself. I think this fabric would work really well with Papercut’s Yoyo pattern.

I was first introduced to this pattern when I saw Tilly’s version on her blog, and I knew that I needed to buy it as soon as possible.

I still haven’t bought it.

But now I have the fabric, hopefully that will encourage me to buy the pattern with haste, so I can go about making this lovely, lovely dress.

Buy the pattern here, or from a UK stockist here, and the fabric here

I really don’t have time for any more dressmaking because I kinda have a thesis to write and finals to prepare for, and a part-time job, and Christmas presents to buy or make, and, y’know, Christmas to celebrate and family and friends to visit. BUT I also have a couple of charity shop dresses to refashion, and if I buy the Yoyo pattern I’ll want to make the skirt version as well, and I have a couple of unfinished projects that I started back in the summer too. I’ve also been dreaming of making something with sequins because I think I need something fabulous and sparkly to wear.

Watch this space to see how many of these projects I actually get done over Christmas!



Hello! I'm Hannah and I'm a Classics undergrad at Cambridge. I spend most of the time which I should be spending on my degree crocheting and sewing instead.

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