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Sewing on a Budget

I remember being slightly taken aback once when someone remarked that sewing my own clothes must save me a lot of money. Seeing as I’d rarely ever spent more than £25 on any garment throughout my teenage years, I exclaimed: Continue reading “Sewing on a Budget”

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Winter Sewing Plans

In two days’ time I will be leaving university and returning to my home (and my sewing machine!) for Christmas. I have spent the last few weeks of term just itching to make something, and have filled my head with daydreams and plans for all the lovely things I am going to make over the holidays. We’ll have to see in January whether I manage to get through them all!

SO, without further ado: Continue reading “Winter Sewing Plans”

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Out With the New: Mid-Project Review

On the 12th August I started a project called Out With the New, which prevents me from buying new clothes (instead I can buy second-hand clothes or make my own from scratch). I said that I would continue until 31st December and then have a pit stop and decide whether I wanted to continue for the full year. Well, it is now 31st December and, there being no major problems so far, I am pleased to say that the project will continue for the full year, until 11th August 2016. Continue reading “Out With the New: Mid-Project Review”

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Harry Potter and the Knitting Needle of Secrets

OK, not quite. Though I would love to read that book. But while re-reading the Harry Potter books over summer, I’ve noticed that quite a few characters enjoy their needlework. And amidst Charms, Potions and Defence Against the Dark Arts lessons, these knitters have a lesson or two of their own to teach us about our favourite hobby. So sit up and take notes. Continue reading “Harry Potter and the Knitting Needle of Secrets”

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Not such a bargain after all

I recently stumbled across this post from the Sweaty Knitter (sidenote: lovely blog!), in which the Knitter herself implores us all to watch The True Cost – a documentary about the environmental and human effects of so-called ‘fast fashion’. Fast fashion is a growing phenomenon in the fashion and clothing industry, born from the mindset that more is more: many leading brands and retailers churn out endless clothes, bringing in new lines and new items every week, and knocking prices lower and lower. The True Cost explores the impact that fast fashion is having on the economy, the environment, and the people creating these clothes. Continue reading “Not such a bargain after all”